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Parafinbad 3 liter kapasitet.

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Parafinvoks varmer med hele 3 liter kapasitet.

  • Parafinvoks bad for hender og føtter
  • Digital termostat.
  • Kapasitet ca 4 kg voks
  • Warm-up time 30 minutter
  • Dimensjoner Lengde 32.5 cm x bredde 27 cm x høyde 18.5cm 
  • Smeltetemperatur ca. 50-65 ° C.


Anbefalt mengde voks min. er 4 stk. pakker à 450g.


Parafinvoks gir hender, føtter og albuer rask og effektiv pleie. Parafinbadet er en type varmebehandling som også brukes ved revmatiske plager.

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User manual:

Please read this document carefully before using the device. Keep it in an accessible place so that you can read it at any time.


General information:
Beauty paraffin treatment is an application used both in beauty salons and in household beauty. The ingredients of the paraffin wax are vitamins, collagen, anti-wrinkle and whitening extracts that are beneficial for both foot and hand.

Paraffin wax treatment is also called: "crystal mask". Paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product that has excellent heat retention properties. The paraffin coating causes an increase in blood circulation which helps the pore to open. As a result, this facilitates perspiration acting as a mini-sauna which makes the moisturizers be absorbed more effectively by the skin. The dry and rough skin results in a soft, fresh and healthy appearance.



Recommendations for the hand care:

1. Wash your hands and remove all the accessories you wear.

2. Use the finger to check the paraffin temperature.

3. Extend the whole palm into the paraffin for 4-6 times shortly for a 2-3 seconds contact. Then you will get a thick film on your hand.

4. Put on plastic gloves to make sure that you keep the temperature of your hands so as to help the skin to absorb the nutrients. Take the gloves off after 15-20 minutes.

5. Slowly remove the paraffin film from the hands and clean them carefully.

The skin will become smooth and delicate.


Recommendations for the foot care:

1. Wash the feet previously to the treatment.

2. Usethefingertocheckthe paraffin temperature.

3. Put the feet into the paraffin 4-6 times shortly for a 2-3 seconds contact. If the feet are too big to put them into the container, you should use the brush to apply the wax on the feet. Once the paraffin forms a film on the feet, use a plastic bag to cover the whole feet in order to keep the temperature for around 15 minutes.

4. Slowly remove the paraffin film from the feet and clean them carefully. The foot skin will become smooth and delicate


-          Put the oval-shaped plastic plate on the inner bottom of the basin to prevent the foot from overheating.

-          Before applying the paraffin on the body, you should check if the temperature is proper on your hand.

-          The paraffin should not be used on broken skin.

-          Do not pour the remaining paraffin from the container after the process. You should switch off the equipment first and wait for the paraffin to get cold.

-          Then turn on the equipment again and wait until the paraffin at the bottom starts melting. Then you will be able to remove the whole block of paraffin easily.


Technical specifications:

Melting temperature: 65°C

Maintenance temperature: 55°C

Capacity: 2700 Ml

Rated power: 150W

Rated voltage: AC 220V ~ 240V

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