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Hot Wax Stripsfri - Pink 800g. fra TERZI

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800 gram voks pellets. Rask smelting og enkel dossering

Stripsfri voks med lavt smeltepunkt. 

Produsert av TERZI


Combining talc with pure beeswax, this product provides a gentle tear-off particularly necessary for the thinnest, most sensitive skins. An exceptionally soft, elastic wax, with even gentler tear-off, ideal  for those experiencing their first hair removal session, or with particularly sensitive skin.New waxing Technology

  • Easily spreadable and elastic
  • Lukewarm on the skin
  • Dilates the hair pores
  • No strip removal
  • Hair is gently removed at the root
  • Perfect result with a thin layer 
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • 98% Biodegradable
  • 80% More effective than traditional wax 
  • Longer lasting effects

Professional Pellables Pink without strips 
Soothing and regenerating rose formula specially adapted to delicate areas (swimsuit, underarms, face) Soft and elastic texture for extreme malleability on the shirt, armpits and face Suitable for people suffering from circulation problems thanks to its warm temperature which avoids the sensations of heaviness 

Directions : Once warm, apply the xanitalia wax to the area to be tweezed in the direction of hair growth Allow to dry for a few moments then remove in reverse order Once the hair removal is complete, apply the post-hair oil or the milk after waxing 

Capacity : 800g

  •  Skin Type - delicate

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