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Baby Style - Badesalt 450 gram

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 Baby badesalt for litt babysvømming ;)




The perfect sea salt for taking care of the delicate skin of your baby. The base component is betaine, i.e. the extract of sugar beet, which is excellent for moisturizing the skin. The lime extract is added into the salt to achieve a soothing, softening and anti-inflammatory effect. Another component – Echinacea – will help you to resist to all kinds of diseases.


The structure of this sea salts for bath contains psyllium. This means that it will deodorize and heal the skin; it has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. The salt is enriched with extracts of beet to soothe and moisturize the dry skin, and it is contains Echinacea extract to strengthen the immune system.


Sorbus sea salt with sugar beet and ash extract, supplemented with carotene and vitamin C, will be indispensable assistant for the children's health care. After each procedure of bathing the skin will be moisturized and it will get the necessary nutrition. 


Nettle is a storehouse of minerals and vitamins that are so essential for every child. Nettle extract, assed into the sea salt for the bath, normalizes the real exchange and activates the regenerative processes. Echinacea and sugar beet extracts are excellent components to strengthen the immune system and for skin hydration. 


Such salt with the addition of extracts of calendula, echinacea and sugar beets is required to care about the sensitive skin. It will remove the irritation, take care of the problem skin, and give healthy look to the skin. In addition, it will remove the pain, strengthen the immune system and it has a bactericidal effect.


Sea salt for the bath with the addition of Echinacea, sugar beet and beggar-ticks extracts is what is necessary to care for the skin prone to allergies and inflammation. Natural ingredients will soothe and moisturize the skin and help to stand against various bacteria.

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